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My Story

I've worked in the mental health field for over 15 years, I received my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology in 2010, and my Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Addiction Counselor licensure in 2018.  Throughout my career in mental health, I realized there is a massive gap where workplace issues intersect with mental health, and how workers get their needs met; a lot of traditional counseling offers no specific tools and just throws up its hands at complicated social and financial topics. Traditional career counseling is incredibly narrow in scope and unable to help with most work issues.

In 2019 I created Healing Work Counseling and began specializing in counseling to address Work Health issues.  I've written several articles and developed various free tools on the subject, most of which are available on this website!  I'm very excited to further develop and spread these tools and concepts to help clients, students, workers, businesses, and fellow counselors across the world learn to Get Work Needs Met!

My first book will be publishing soon!  Until then stay tuned for various articles and tools on this website!

-Thomas Stuart, MA, LPC, LAC



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