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"What is Counseling?"

Counseling is an opportunity to discuss/talk about issues that are important to the client, while having a trained objective person help work through not only the current situation but in dealing with similar situations in the future. Counseling can be about one specific problem, or it can be about multiple. Something to mention, is that counseling is a collaborative process, it requires an active role from both the client and the counselor for change to occur

"What clients do you work with?"

I work with adult clients in Colorado, and I am only licensed to provide mental health services to clients in Colorado.  Clients may reside in Colorado or be present in the state in other ways in order to qualify.  I do not work with clients under the age of 18 or clients who are not in Colorado.

"What can I expect during the first session?"

The first session is different than other sessions, in that it includes an assessment where I will ask about your history and current issues or symptoms.  The first session involves this assessment process, collaborative treatment planning where we identify some starter goals to work towards, and outlining the scope of counseling and answering any questions about the process.  If you agree to continue to work together, then we will discuss a planned frequency of meeting and schedule a follow up.  If for any reason you feel continuing to work together is not a good therapeutic fit, I will assist with providing specific referrals based on the assessment completed.


"How long will I be in therapy for?"

The length of therapy varies greatly, some clients come in with the plan to meet for a few focused sessions, others meet regularly for a period of time then either taper down in frequency of sessions or take a temporary or lengthy break from meeting.  The overall goal is eventually dropping down frequency or terminating the relationship over time.


"How often do I need to come in?"

Generally, weekly sessions are recommended for best clinical efficacy, which is supported by empirical evidence.  That having been said, many clients wish to meet every 2 or 3 weeks, or even once per month, and I'm typically happy to meet clients on a less than weekly basis.


"How long is an appointment?"

Counseling sessions are a "therapy hour" or typically between 52 and 60 minutes.  Sessions are scheduled and billed as 60 minute appointments.

"Do you offer sessions virtually?  By phone?  In person?"

I typically see clients virtually via a secure google meets room.  I am exploring in-office availability in January 2023.  Phone services are typically not offered, but may be used in case of mid-session connection issues.

What do all these terms therapy, counseling, psychotherapy, etc mean?

Generally speaking, therapy and counseling are terms used interchangably when discussing mental health treatment.  Psychotherapy refers to specific Freudian techniques that are specialized and uncommonly used or trained (I am not trained in psychotherapy services).  Psychiatry or psychiatrists refers to medical treatment, and psychiatrists are medical providers specializing in mental health treatments, typically offering medication treatments.  Life Coaches or Coaching services are typically unregulated and unlicensed forms of work that do not require education or experience.

"Do you offer a sliding scale?"

Most of my clients are insured and pay through insurance.  I am currently exploring sliding scale options, though it is difficult with the software I use, email if interested.


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