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"If we begin to integrate beliefs that we need to hustle harder, they will underlie our thought process, which allows us to then justify putting work above our own personal needs.

Once we start putting work above our needs, it’s a downward spiral from there. We work harder at work, so we’re stressed out and can’t relax as well at home, maybe our sleep or appetite suffers, as a result we’re then more stressed out at work and less effective, so we have to work even harder, etcetera etcetera until we collapse or quit from burnout.


It’s not sustainable. If a work culture is enforcing these values, then an entire employee base can be in a state of precarity. The scary thing is how easy it is to unknowingly breed an unhealthy workplace culture of hustle."

Thomas Stuart, MA, LPC, LAC

Founder, Healing Work Counseling

Ending The Grind


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